Write My Action Plan

You have learned in Changeology to define your goals, to identify your Pros and Cons of change, to write the triggers and reinforcers of your problem behavior. Now, write an action plan that incorporates all of these elements.

Below is a blank form to place your Action Plan on paper.

Is this necessary?  No.  Is this helpful?  You bet!  Use the template to summarize the key points and to keep them at the forefront of your mind. Consider sharing the plan with members of your support team and posting it in a place that you visit frequently during the day (bathrooms included!).

My Action Plan

My goal:
Key Pros of changing:
Key Cons of changing to be vigilant:
My triggers:
Reinforcers of my problem:
Negative consequences of problem
   that I tend to forget:
Members of my Change Team:
Healthy alternative(s) to the problem: