Post Weekly Reminders

Weekly reminders via emails, texts, or phone calls are invaluable for mastering your environment. In the UK, a text messaging service called “txt2stop” succeeded in helping smokers almost twice as likely to abstain from cigarettes for six months. (A similar service,“Text2Quit,” is available in United States.)  Research showed that weekly weight-loss text messages increased exercise time and resulted in an extra pound lost per month!  Text reminders are even being used in rural Africa, with effective results, to help combat malaria and remind patients to take their medication.

Here are a few websites that will send reminders straight to your phone or computer. Jonathon Norcross, contributor to Changeology, has compiled a list of services that will send you texts and/or emails to keep you on track. (weight loss; free) (weight loss; free) (any goal; free) (weight loss; $2.99 per month) (smoking; $29.99 for a four-month subscription)  (medication compliance; free)

An alternative to these formal services is to set your own daily or weekly reminders on your Google account or other calendar function.

The point, to reiterate, is to surround yourself with positive messages and to create a flourishing environment!